Needs inventory

Every association has its specific structure, work format and needs. This inventory is designed to help you define your requirements.

If you are considering using professional association services, this first own-assessment step is a success factor.

Once completed, this tool will serve as a base-rock to work out together a proposal tailored to your needs & requirements.

Association Profile

Structure: number of

Territory coverage


Size of event based on type


Government Affairs

Association management



Please list the three (3) major challenges and three (3) main opportunities your organization is facing

Key objectives

Success factor

How will you measure success for your organization?

Needs inventory - Services required

Please indicate hereinafter the services you feel your association may need and for which you would like to receive a proposal/quotation.

Strategic Planning Services

Legal requirements / Registration

Executive Management

Succession Planning

Membership Services

Financial Management

Government Affairs

Ethics and Best Practices

Intelligence and market research

Volunteer Support Services

Communications and PR

Education, Accreditation & Certification

Conference Management

Exhibition Management

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Publications Management

Executive Recruitment

Internet and Technology Services

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